Lest Devon Forgets

The Art of the Devon Garden, a fresh and innovative approach which opens up new ways to appreciate the garden history of Devon. 

The art has been brought together from private collections as well as from archives, museums, libraries and other institutions in England and the United States. Obscure and unknown artists are included as well as some of England's leading figures such as Francis Danby, Nicholas Hilliard, William Morris, Joshua Reynolds & J. M. W. Turner.

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St Martin's Island
St Martin's Island by Todd Gray and Sue Jackson, a fantastic insight into the historic buildings and area immediatley surrounding the Royal Clarence Hotel within the Parish of St Martins. It will appeal to all those living and working in Exeter or with an interest in the City. Details

Witchcraft in Exeter 1558- 1660
Witchcraft in Exeter 1558- 1660, Mark Stoyle tells the stories of some of the unfortunate men and women who were denounced to the city magistrates as 'witches' between 1558 and 1660

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A LASTING IMPRESSION - A History of Wheatons in Exeter
Many people in Exeter will remember "Wheatons" and many will have a connection with the company either having worked for them or had family and firends who have worked for them. This book is a must have for all those interested in Wheatons and Exeter's history. The book is for sale through our Website and also available through W H Smiths, Guildhall Shopping Centre and other bookshops.

A LASTING IMPRESSION A History of Wheatons in Exeter

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Published by AJW Publishing 14th Oct 2017     Author Anthony J Wheaton
ISBN: 9781527213272
Full colour throughout - Fully illustrated (Over 180 illustrations)
184 pages
Hardback, sewn /Jacketed
Size: 215 mm x 235 mm

Wheatons – booksellers, stationers, educational publishers and printers One of Exeter's oldest companies, Wheatons has origins traceable to 1780. Originally based in Fore Street and extending through to Bartholomew Street, the printing works moved to the Marsh Barton Trading Estate from 1967.

The company was acquired by Robert Maxwell's Pergamon Press, Oxford in 1966. In the following years the business expanded to employ some 500 staff providing skilled and well paid publishing and print industry jobs in Exeter. Wheatons continued under the ownership of the British Printing & Communications Corporation (BPCC), the Polestar Group and finally a management buyout team. The UK printing industry declined because of market and technical changes following the advent of the digital age and online publishing.

Wheatons finally closed in 2017 adding to the long list of venerable names in the former British book production industry. As well as the history of Wheatons in Exeter, the publication contains a detailed account of the technical processes used within the printing company over the years.

The book also tells the story of the AJW Motorcycle Manufacturing Company based in Exeter, which John Wheaton founded in 1926 prior to joining the printing company after World War II.

How to Swear like an Elizabethan in DevonHow to Swear like an Elizabethan in Devon Published Autumn 2016

Mell, ninny hammer, wittol, bally rag, nippy and bull beef. These and nearly 200 other insulting words and terms were commonly used by Elizabethan Devonians.

All terms have been drawn from original documents with examples of the phrases originally said five centuries ago. A companion volume to Strumpets and Ninnycocks also just published by the Mint Press also on sale on this website.

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Whilst swearing like an Elizabethan check to see if the response is an original insult or not!

Stumpets and NinnycocksStrumpets and Ninnycoks

Insults tell us much about society and offer a fascinating insight into Devon five centuries ago.

For the first time, a range of original documents have been examined to show how Devonians deployed a range of words and terms to ridicule, mock and demean their friends, family and neighbours.

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The Mint Press books are truly local. Every step of the publishing process uses Devon people and businesses, keeping jobs in Devon, rather than going overseas.

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